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BMBC 017 -- League City 7" - League City was not a band… it was a time and place…As the story goes here at Bombay Cove, on a hot summer night in 2007, seven or so individuals got together in a garage in League City, Texas. A plan hatched to record some dub music featuring drums, guitar, bass, mic, trumpet, and home-rigged electronics. The result just eerie and cool enough that we had it cut to a LATHE Record by Peter King (New Zealand). Unplug yer face.

BMBC 018 -- Damage Pants "s/t" LP+download - 13 greasy, bombastic tracks by the sweatiest band in Austin. Garage Post-Thrash. Songs about: ATMs, halloween costumes, slow dancin', sudoku, windstorms, pricey concert tix, not knowing how to shoot, and a character from the film "Raw Deal", amongst other things. RIYL: Shellac, Karp, Drive Like Jehu, Jesus Lizard... Some of the slickest artwork you will ever see! You want this, and we want you to have it.

BMBC 020 -- BMBC Number Twenty 10" compilation - A Sampler ten-inch CLEAR record that features an assortment of oddities that never quite made it off the ground. Recording projects, One-off bands, Rare recordings, and even music that was the backdrop for a news radio series. It's got those archival green sleeves. Super Limited!  (see original post for track listing)

BMBC 021 -- Y'ALL "Last Show Ever" 10" - A known commodity in the form of a hushed chimera around Austin.  Energetic boil-over of force, or a puerile satisfaction... you be the judge.   Either way, it destroys with rawness and you know it.   Noise rock three piece playing their last show. Four songs in and you'll be hooked, trust us.  We released this as BMBC 002, but this time it has 10 inches and a hole!  New Artwork to boot.

BMBC 022 -- Gil San Marcos "Domes" LP - The definitive recordings from Gil San Marcos, who spent a few years performing, touring, and cultivating the sound featured here. Gil San Marcos adheres to a strict no-instrument policy in creating hypnotic drones peppered with shards of feedback and modulated soundwaves. Ornamental escapism or deep dream mining. Domes is a COLORED VINYL 12" with silkscreened jackets, this splatter platter has two live recordings, six tracks in all.

BMBC 023 - Esbat (4-song) 7" - Intentional sickness from hoodoo ritual dudes.   Esbat is a small but furious power in the vein of Die Kreuzen or VSS. One half-Japanese guy, one Mexican guy, and a guy from China, they create a UN-of-post-hardcore feel. The four tracks on this cycle between driving-jangle, bombastic-force, or blissed-out drone... Energetic and balls-to-the-wall  

BMBC 024 -- Followed By Static / Bonnibonita 7" - An unbreakable 45 of garage boogie. Followed by Static are fast becoming major movers n shakers lurking the red river scene. While Bonnibonita is a new troupe of ladies, this being their first record. Both bands kick out the jams utilizing elements of oldschool swing, rock n roll, big beat, doo wop. The Decca label would be proud (or... they'd sue us).

BMBC 025 -- Broke Beads "Wave High" 12" - Beautiful instrumental indie pop tunes, or "when skaters get closer to 30 than 25." Comparisons at this point have ranged from Broken Social Scene and Tristeza, to “a more up-tempo Explosions in the Sky” or “early Thrill Jockey.” Side A is studio, Side B live. On siiiiick green vinyl. *We'll include audio files if you buy it from us.

BMBC 026 -- Hüsky  Düdes 1st EP - Grease-slick punk mixes old anthemic hardcore stuff like Black Flag and Misfits with and garage-y DC hardcore, sprinkle on a little east bay 90s sound.  Old Crow bones.   Honorific punk to the days of yore, but ripping off strings of shows here in the good ol' two-thousand and twelve.  5 tracks on this bad boy!

BMBC 029 -- PA.RTS "Greatest Hiss" 7" - Ethereal ambient and drone using instruments both traditional and home-built. PA.RTS shows include film or video accompaniment created exclusively by the band. 3 members constantly improvising live and even sampling available sounds at the shows and re-interpreting them. This colored vinyl 7" is 5 of the best tracks from their previous limited cassette-only releases.

Cassette/CDR Releases (2002-2007)
When we started this thing... we were essentially a "tape label" and therefore have some old releases that were handmade with love, but unfortunately (or, probably fortunately) are long gone. Here is a rundown:

BMBC 001 -- Soda Diet/Cholo Gun - Split that saw Soda Diet in it's early guitar-drone stages with 11 minutes of metal machine music style feedback. Cholo Gun doing pure pop the way girls like it including their masterpiece "forgiveness" SOLD OUT

BMBC 002 -- Y'all "Last Show Ever" - A live recording of quasi-pseudo-semi-legendary Austin noise rock freakouts Y'all playing their last show. SOLD OUT
***this recording has been re-released by Bombay Cove as a 10" record. check the store now!!!!

BMBC 003 -- Mastertape "333" - We-Got-Fired-From-Our-Own-Band-era Mastertape, then a brand new band which features 2 members of the aforementioned Y'all. Keyboard folk, not even kidding. Before they bloated into a 6 member ensemble. "ruggga-ahh-ahhhhhhhhhh" SOLD OUT

BMBC 004 -- Soda Diet/Scientific Explanation of Despair - A split c-30 between keyboard distorto-phase Soda Diet and Olympia, WA eerie duo Scientific Explanation of Despair. See Larry Hernandez's bass solos tapes, man. Then listen to 'em. SOLD OUT

BMBC 005 -- Soda Diet + Orlando Hartz - Mail collaboration c-30 between vocal-exploration-phase Soda Diet and Florida's Orlando Hartz. Radio blurbs. Plunderphonics. Bubbles. Interagency briefs. Ten of these were stolen at a show. SOLD OUT

BMBC 006--Mastertape "Soda dear tape" - C-20. Mastertape expanded and got together over two weekends in an abandoned old house in central texas to record 4 tracks documented on this cassette. Includes Soda Diet added samples during recording. We at Bombay Cove consider this their apex of recordings. SOLD OUT.  Most of the title track appears as "So Dear" on BMBC Twenty 10"

BMBC 007 -- Soda Diet "Red Sad Opiate" - First release featuring new member 'LION' as Soda Diet takes an older recording and distorts and manipulates it to hell for a 22 min. track on this 3" cd-r.

BMBC 008 -- Gil San Marcos "The White Cassette" - To coincide with the first ever Gil San Marcos show: C-20 is recorded, limited to 10, and tossed out at the show. Includes the hits "E.E. Gurp" and "Pete San Marcos." LONG GONE

BMBC 009 -- Gil San Marcos "Live: In Delta City" - Full lenth cd-r, all live tracks recorded on a mini-tour in 2006. All analog shimmering noise created without any instruments, computers, drum beats, vocals, synthesizers, keyboards, theremin boxes, or turntables.   SOLD OUT.  "Mass Grave" recorded live in Nashville appears on the Domes LP, BMBC 22

BMBC 010 -- Gil San Marcos/Goacho - split 3" cd-r. FREE release corresponding with a noise blowout show at superhappyfunland in Houston, Texas. SOLD OUT

BMBC 011 -- Otis Verbard "Sonnets For Drunks" Soft songs, jew crooning, gas owning... man we don't know how to describe this. It's like folk art, that's less the folk and the art. But we find the songs endearing

BMBC 012 -- T4/Ghetto Twoilets - A split 333s release. T4 is a man vs. machine all drum blast. 2 drummers. 1 percussionist. 1 drum machine. Inspired by "Terminator" movies. oh and you know when you leave little songs on your best buddy's voicemail?... well that's Ghetto Twoilets m.o.: key-punk dance club mania to restore law and order to your town.   We are planning on bringin both sides of this back to life on two separate additions to our Lathe Cut Series

BMBC 013 -- Chav Mer "333" - 333s release. Noise rock space jam teleport. A sea of jagoffs. Featuring members of King Mullet, Blue Oculi, Ghost Heat, and Hammerz. This band was so powerful it bit the dust brutally, imploding, jettisoning not one but two drummers. Members went on to be in MGX, iKiLLCaRS, and Esbat

BMBC 015 -- Damage Pants/Chav Mer "Sluggin' it out with Sludge" c20 - a split cassette with one of the freshest Austin bands, Damage Pants checking in with some live tracks. Chav Mer counters with some heavy sludge recorded in their practice space. Limited as hell.  a split label release with WWIT.   Reportedly the other label still has a few as of September 2011