Thursday, January 5, 2012

new release: Hüsky Düdes EP 7"

BMBC 026--Hüsky Düdes EP on WHITE VINYL 7" (includes download coupon) - Grease-slick punk sorta mixes old hardcore stuff like Black Flag and Misfits with a little 90's east bay hardcore sound and some garagey Nation Of Ulysses stuff in there.  Screw it man, Los Crudos too...  Not sure if there's a way to describe straightforward angry punk in the year 2012 without allowing for some references.   And these guys are definitely doing the 30-year-old dudes banging out some throwback to honor it all.   So you should to!!!  

Not that you give a shit (yeah, BE punk about it) but members were previously in Followed By Static, The Associates, and Toumai...   See their bandcamp for show listings.

Hüsky Düdes - "Destroy My Kind" by bombay cove