Friday, November 13, 2009

new release: BOMBAY COVE NUMBER 20 - Compilation 10"

BMBC 20--Bombay Cove Records Number 20 Compilation 10" - A Sampler ten-inch CLEAR record that features an assortment of oddities by friends of the label that never quite made it off the ground (at that time). Recording projects, One-off bands, Rare recordings, and even music that was the backdrop for a news radio series. It's got those archival green sleeves. Super Limited!

Otis Verbard - more shortages
Chav Mer - ladies' lust
Bonnibonita - fade with me
Ghetto Twoilets - don't chacon

William & The Sun Records - talkin' louisiana blues
Hero Hole - seventy ninth through eighty first
Mastertape - so dear
Orlando Hartz - interagency 0.5

Otis Verbard - "More Shortages" by bombay cove

$12 ppd.

UPDATE Jan 2011: very few of these remaining... like 4-5. Also update on the bands here...

BONNIBONITA has obviously become a regular full time band. They have a facebook/myspace all that. As well as the split 7" with Followed by Static.

William & The Sun Records - though not full time - manages to play a couple of shows per year, though they have been going by simply the name SUN RECS to avoid any legal issues and because William Overby doesn't want the "big head todd" treatment in the name.

OTIS VERBARD is getting back to working on a live set with guests, and a record.