Tuesday, September 6, 2011

new release: Esbat 7"

BMBC 023 - Esbat (4-song) 7" - Esbat is a small but furious power in the vein of Die Kreuzen or VSS. One half-Japanese guy, one Mexican guy, and a guy from China, they create a UN-of-post-hardcore feel. The four tracks on this cycle between driving-jangle, bombastic-force, or blissed-out drone.
The band came together in 2009 and cut a year-long swath in the ATX scene. As of 2011 they are on a hiatus while J (vocals/drones) is back in China, but shows are to resume again in 2012. This record is to document their unabashed and incensed live energy and balls-to-the-wall style.

Esbat - "Dig" by bombay cove

This is a super-rare 7" record, mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura CA and hand cut by lathe record specialist Peter King in New Zealand