Friday, July 22, 2011

new release: Y'ALL "Last Show Ever" 10"

BMBC 021 - Y'ALL "Last Show Ever" 10" - At long last, the complete re-issue of our classic 2nd release. In the fall of 2003, Austin's pseudo-semi-quasi-legendary noise punk freakouts Y'ALL played their final show of their storied career at a party at a South Austin flophouse. What took place that night was a chaotic scene of wrecked equipment, non-life-threatening injuries, punk energy, bitter beer faces, true melding of audience and performer, soggy cig butt earplugs, and minimalist art in the most minimal sense.

The live show was captured in this recording, they lasted 20 minutes before "everything went shit-ass" ...perfect length for a ten inch record. All the artwork is brand new for this release, complete with a recounting of the show by a friend of the band, Zack (don't think we ever got a last name).

It seems like everyone who saw this band remembers them differently, but comparisons tend to be in the way of Mindflayer, Men's Recovery Project, Arab on Radar, Landed, and Six Finger Satellite. The guys who were in this band can delight in this as well as their other pedigree, including The Snores, Need Shade, SARS App, and Dark Dong.

Y'ALL - "Juan Tear" by bombay cove