Friday, April 13, 2012

new release: PA.RTS "Greatest Hiss" 7"

BMBC 029 -- PA.RTS "Greatest Hiss" 7" (on GREEN MARBLE SWIRL vinyl - includes download code) -- About 3 years ago these guys started playing the drone scene without the pretense of a band theme or even a name.  They just got together, brewed beer and jammed while the yeast was devouring the sugar.   Originally just Pat and Robert, when it came time to do shows they'd play under "Pat Roberts" or "PR" as a defacto name.   Soon after, Gil (also using the name "Robert") joined and they solidified their sound to an ethereal ambient or drone using instruments both traditional and home-built.  They released cassettes and played shows also under names like "Apart" or "PMRC" usually adapting their name to whatever type of situation they were playing.

Late in 2011, we began talking to them about taking the best of their cassettes and doing a "greatest hits" 7"... The idea being both that we liked their sound and wanted more people to hear it, and also the tongue-in-cheek idea of a hits collection on the short format 7" record.  They readily agreed and also decided to mutate their name, this time for good, to PA.RTS and began playing shows with film or video accompaniment.   Constantly improvising live and even sampling available sounds at the shows and re-interpreting them, PA.RTS shows are an experience.   And yeah, they're still brewing beer.

For fans of:  Brian Eno, Jana Winderen, Barn Owl, Nels Cline, and even Sunn 0))) or Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music."     Buy it here in our store.    Stream the whole she-bang on BANDCAMP