Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quarterly Digest

We have been quiet thus far in 2011, busy with other projects and jobs. But summer's here and the time is right for figthing in the street. Here are updates coming round...

Followed By Static has been playing shows and getting love from the Austin Chronicle. They have an upcoming split 12" vinyl EP with the immortal John Wesley Coleman on Way Out There Records (Italy). FBS side is called "Bacon Bear EP" JWCIII side is called "Personality Pancake EP" ...Who's hungry for breakfast?

Broke Beads played a mini-tour in February and plan to have a couple shows this summer in Austin. Half the band still lives in New Orleans so they get together when they can to write, record, and play shows. Their intensely popular "Wave High" LP is still available in our store.

the Kyle James Smith band has expanded and still features Kyle on upright bass & vocals and Chris Walker on drums/percussion. Dare Lamberson has moved from guitar to pedal steel, and Cary Daniels has joined on guitar. When asked for updates, Kyle texted "We had an awesome show at Plantescape, the next day we played a horrible show at Katy" ...he also added "thanks for asking, bro"

Hüsky Düdes are recording what will likely be a fall release on Bombay Cove. Until then they Dü what they please.

Bonnibonita is still going. They are keeping true to their foundation mission of "house party band" but they do hit the clubs once every while. We're told they are making recordings with no real release planned. They have fun with it.

We have upcoming releases:

Y'all "Last Show Ever" 10"
Esbat 7"

Hüsky Düdes - s/t EP (12"?)