PA.RTS "Greatest Hiss" 7"

Hüsky Düdes 1st EP

Esbat (4-song) 7"

Y'ALL - "Last Show Ever" - 10"

Followed By Static / Bonnibonita 7"

Broke Beads - "Wave High" 12"

Gil San Marcos "Domes" LP

SALE!!! Damage Pants LP+mp3

League City 7" - Temporarily Out of Stock


Bombay Cove No. Twenty - 10"

Other Labels: 

iKiLLCaRS “At Ease With Your Haste” 10-inch

from Terminal Boredom:  iKillCars is a three piece Austin, TX punk rock band combining many elements of garage, post-punk, and straightforward punk, sounding like a good mix of Velvet Underground, Television, Minutemen, and the best of the 1980's SST bands. It’s really a very unique and refreshing sound all their own. It’s catchy, hard, weird, and just really fucking good. This is what the Velvet Underground would have sounded like if Lou Reed were growing up in 1980's Southern California. You get 5 songs that sound nothing like the previous track before it. Very solid release.(MCP)  *includes MP3 card

iKillCaRS 10" (on What Records)

Soda Diet 7"

from On My Record Shelf blog(R.I.P): Two guys and one girl make up this quirky noisy band.  The term "band" being used pretty loosely here because it's almost like an art project, collages of guitar and synth sound mashed and cut up and put back together.  Some of this sounds like the shower scene in PSYCHO, some like a warzone...  the last track is the most groovin one of the bunch...   a towering structure of rhythmic guitar interplay laced with delay.  Good stuff if you're into experimental/free jazz.

Soda Diet 7" (Toobsox Records)