Wednesday, April 11, 2012

filling the gaps between pukes

Normally we go all in for a SXSW list, but since it's nearly a month too late we're just gonna post a list of the things we really liked.    No additional dislikes, quirky moments, silliness this time.    We had a good time though.  Partied raw.   Here's the stuff that was cool in no particular order:

CAPSULA (spain) - Friday @ Grackle, inside
PEAKING LIGHTS - Saturday @ Longbranch
VIDEO - Saturday @ Beerland
COXCOMBS - Thursday @ 29th St. Ballroom, main
THE MEN - Thursday @ 1100 Warehouse
SLEEPYTIME TRIO - Thursday @ 1808
PUJOL - Wednesday @ Hotel Vegas
THE YOUNG - Saturday @ Red Eyed Fly, patio
AUDREY RYAN - Friday @ Sahara
THE TEENAGE NEWS - Saturday @ 29th St. Ballroom, bar
AMEN DUNES - Saturday @ Red Eyed Fly, inside
MEAN JEANS - Wednesday @ Trailer Space
A. TOM COLLINS - Saturday @ Peckerheads (don't ask)
RESTAVRANT - Friday @ Moose Lodge