Friday, February 24, 2012

Quarterly Dispatch

here's the latest news on our beloved "roster"

Bonnibonita appeared to be on the outs as of late 2011.  Anita had quit the band and things seemed to fizzle.  But not before absolutely claiming the shit out of a house party show last weekend.  There's owning and then there's OWNING.  We were only there to get drunk and have a good time at the party, and then they turned it into a nice little surprise.  Seriously one of their most fun shows.  Proof that you don't have to be loud and "punk" to play an intense house show.   Super ladies, that bunch.  They may be able to crank out another show or two here and there.   We still have a small amount of their 7"s.

Broke Beads haven't been doing much lately, but Ben Taylor the former keyboard player has a new band called The Bellmen who are worth your while to check out.  However, if you want to hear some Broke Beads, here is a good place to start.   The "Wave High" LP is still available in our store

Followed By Static is still "kicking ass" all over the world.   The loveable chaps are trotting out the full band again for SXSW ( chaps [ass-less]). Additionally, Eric has been playing solo shows as well and logging time in the studio and the results so far have been impressive.  Here's a taste.

Gil San Marcos "Domes" LP scored another review this time from experimental zine Monk Mink Pink Punk, we just found this or we would have posted it earlier when it came out back in September '11.   Gil is currently playing in PA.RTS (see below).   We're hoping to get to work soon on a split series release with Gil and somebody fun.

Guns n Roses is not on our label, but dang...  go listen to Appetite.   Still rules and it's been TWENTY FIVE YEARS.   (and it's just an opinion but everything else they did sucked... even Lies)

Hüsky Düdes got a little love from the Chron-dogs in this review of their 7".    Buy it here in our store, or at shows from the band, or at record stores.    They're tearing through shows right now.   They recently got shit-faced at a show at Trophy's and tossed from there.   They're taking their furtive-guy hardcore show on the road for the first time with a show in the middle of the half-pipe at La Dute Ranch in Houston.    We also know of a dayparty during SXSW that they'll be playing.

Kyle James Smith is going through another lineup change but nothing can stop them.   Go see them sometime at the Broken Spoke.  When I texted him to get any further updates the response was "KJS gonna play chorizo sxsw with some new songs.  rad party dude, grubby food, dirty music, and shitty tits" (Relax ladies, I'm fairly certain he's speaking of his own vested chest)

PA.RTS is a band that has been swimming the ambient drone scene in the dark of night.   They played and released under several names usually adapting it to the situation.  Mostly with a few limited cassette releases.   We didn't think that was fair enough so we told them if they'd lock in a name and do some shows to promote it we'd love to gather the gravy from their tapes and compile them onto a 7" and they readily agreed.
We think this is gonna be pretty sick.  We got the records in a week or so ago and they sound fantastic.   They will release it the week of South By Southwest with a show at Sahara Lounge.   Cover image to the left.   Proper post on this coming soon.  

Soda Diet is bawawawawack and practicing.  And YES we are still still doing the LP, these guys are just... well, musicians and sometimes musicans are fickle.  But it's gonna be cool black blankets, dark jazz, deep grooves, sun ra worship, psych crushing, cruisin' in a Hawaiian bronco, heavier than a mountain, lighter than clouds, blight of the fumble bee, sunrises, here... smoke that...

Sun Recs has nothing new to report...  Other than having a killer name.   They're the most ephemeral of any of our artists...   down to just a couple shows a year.   But it's still a pulse.  

also... we are NOT throwing our own SXSW party this year.   Sadly, we just didn't feel the effort.  South-by kinda sucks now anyway.   But our pals over at Chorizo Approved Records are nice enough to prop up a couple of our bands including KJS and HüDü at their events. And Followed by Static will always have shows.