Monday, December 5, 2011

Quarterly Reports

Broke Beads are still some sick folks only.   They don't get together much due to Geoff and Jack living in New Orleans and Robert and Lonny living in Austin.   But they still have a scorching LP on green vinyl that you can get at record stores or right here in our store!

the Esbat lathe-cut series 7" earned a glowing review in Maximum Rock n Roll recently.  To celebrate we have selected a video of them as the video of the month.   Yeah yeah.. more like video of the four months... we'll try to keep on track better.   Anyway, Esbat...  they'll be up to shows again when Jay gets back in 2012.   We're running low on the 7" so get one NOW.

Followed by Static released their split LP with John Wesley Coleman III and it has been selling well and gathering amazing reviews.   There's talk of a European tour next year.   Whoa.   Eric Static has been playing solo shows shaking the dust off of some of his older tunes, and has been recording with Brian Schmitz of the Golden Boys.

Hüsky Düdes first 7" is gonna drop at the beginning of 2012.   They  are trying to play as many shows as they can.   Listen here for awesomeness.   "Cat Basement" is gonna be the song you yell for them to play live.  The 7" should have been out already but a miscommunication at the mastering studio delayed it.

Bombay Cove wants to announce that we are releasing a 7" by PA.RTS, a 3 piece experimental/noise band.   Power Electronics, Treated Instruments, Processed Loops and Feedback...    the 7" will come out in the spring.  Look for them where fine shows happen.

Kyle James Smith will be auditioning for a highly-coveted slot at the famed Broken Spoke saloon on S. Lamar.   If he gets his band in there it would be a huge honor.   Might even cause us to release some of the secret recordings he has been working on.    He has a new guitar player named Nick "Nick" Alaggio ...Kyle also has been working on a considerably bigger gig, his upcoming wedding.

Sun Recs have a year-ender homestand with Hog Van Dog.   2011 will be closed out the right way.

The store is running low on the Y'all lathe cut 10", the Followed by Static/Bonnibonita split 7", the BMBC No.20 Sampler, and the Esbat 7"... but we DO still have all of these.

Stay tuned for announcements on more 2012 releases, a potential SXSW dayparty, shows, sales, yahhhhhhhhh