Friday, December 13, 2013

buon viaggio

I heard someone say the other day in a drawl that had a challenging languor about it, "you ain't posted nuthin' in more than a year."

"Relax" I said.  "I had the label blog set to automatically update every ten (10) site visits, so we'll get there soon... maybe"

Placing the blame at the foot of the fans [sic].   Childish?  Of course.   Appropriate?   That's debatable.    True?

Anybody who has ever run a small record label knows it's always hand-to-mouth and the bottom can drop out pretty quickly.  Particularly so if you're employing the always vain methods of putting out material by specialty acts that are obscure other than to small groups of pals and shackled to the efforts of documentation no matter how shitty the qualities of the music or recording.   "you heard these guys?   they only practiced once and then 'broke up' but we recorded 5 minutes of gutbucket skronk with our phone!"

get to the point, jerkoff... nobody's reading this anyway

Point:  The label is closed.  Done.   All releases are currently out of print, though some are still in stock.    Prices will drop for anything we can sell.   In a lot of ways however we lucked out cause there's not a whole lot left.

We may still crank out some of the slated lathe-cut series records that were recorded but just have not gotten off our asses to have produced.  Then again, we failed the artists so we may just offer them guidance on self-releasing.    My hope is that we can do it, because the fact that we offered a series of hyper-limited lathe cut records is still something at least I personally was proud of.   But that's it for releases, and those typically were done in such small runs that we sold a few here, and then gave the rest to the bands, who typically just gave them amongst their respective crew.   Not a whole lot of revenue generated.  

For anyone interested (and we truly think you will be) the Soda Diet LP that we so laborously promised for years WILL still come out, but just not by us.  No idea what label will pick it up, but the Soda Diet guys have options.   We are going to "help" [sic] them by selling some here.   All our in-stock releases will stay in print.    For scant updates on any of the others on the label roster, check our links page.   But truth is, most of the bands are now sacrificed to the altar of history. (ooh good one, that'll make 'em sound more important)

It was sincerely wonderful knowing anyone associated, the bands, the press who reviewed our stuff, people who wrote or submitted demo material, people who came to our SXSW showcases.    Thank you all for being friends of the label and/or putting up with all the barrelhouse.  

---Bombay Cove