Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quarterly YUCKdate

It's time again for our Quarterly Update.  And though we've released a few records this year, our roster has been taking it on the chin. Hüsky Düdes bit the dust, Bonnibonita is on aerosmith style permanent vacation, Broke Beads is (all but) broke UP.  All we've got is PA.RTS, Followed By Static, Sun Recs, Gil San Marcos, and Soda Diet.   And of those we don't have much.   

Gil San Marcos has been spending time in PA.RTS as the primary soundscape outlet (scroll down).

Sun Recs miiiiiight do a gig around the holidays here in Austin, it's still up in the air for these part-timers.

Followed By Static is (rightfully so) distancing themselves from us.  Why?   Cause we can't help them, we did a neato little slab of wax for them and they've moved on and since done a handful of other things.   That's just how it goes.   They're great, go see them or go see Eric Static perform solo around town.   

PA.RTS is one of our two remaining bright spots.   Our most recent release, their "Greatest Hiss" 7" is available in our store.   It's gotten a little love from DEAD ANGEL online zine.   As well as radio play and a little shout from KFJC    ...The guys are even doing a show at the end of this month (see poster below)

Soda Diet is the other band we have actively... uh... active.    They are recording for a full length as your greeezy little eyes pore over this page.    This is a long-planned release that we will put out early next year.   Afro-Cuban-Fusion-Jazz...    

in other words... we don't have much to offer in the waning months of the two thousand and twelve...

Check this show, call the band at 554-8185 for more info.