Monday, December 19, 2011

Year-End Heave List (a "best of the meager amounts we bought")

7" Singles
5. JOHN WIESE "Exhausted Spectral Incantation" - Interesting ONLY for the idea.   A single lock groove of never-ending white noise on one side of a 7"     …really it's a smug joke on the buyer but I gotta admit, I like showing it off.  

4. EVENS 2 song 7" - I heard something more special in these two songs than in their whole previous album.  

3. PART CHIMP "You Decide/Big Bird" - Scoring higher cause it's Part Chimp's swan song or something. 

2. SMASH DETOX 7" - hardcoah

1. THIRD MAN RELEASES - (LANIE LANE, JEFF THE BRO-HOOD, EDGAR OLIVER, JERRY KING, AMY WALKER) - I couldn't really decide on which Third Man record I bought this year that I liked best so I'm just picking them all as a tie.   And even then it's really more of a props for the label.  I like what Jack White does with the blue series and I LOVE what he does with the green series.    

10. EARTH "Angels of Darkness" - similar to Hex and …Lions Skull, but somehow, less interesting to me than those.   I'm buying less each year so an "ok" record by a band I really like always has a chance.

9. ZOMES "Earth Grid" - Fans will appreciate this, and I put myself there too.   I think I liked the first Zomes album a little better, but with more listens I might change my mind.  It's solid and I'm always gonna buy the Lungfish side projects.   

8. JOE LALLY - "Why Should I Get Used To It" - I hated the first LP, ignored the 2nd… then (illegally) downloaded this one to check it out.   Surprisingly good to my ears.   It's basement-jazzy, grooves, laid back vox… 

7. FREDDIE T AND THE PEOPLE "People In" - Fred is kinda in the fraternity with the Golden/Extra Golden guys… this is similar to the world music vibe of those bands and still got the blues stamp of his older band The Boom.  

6. CRAIG WEDREN "Wand" - Lapland it aint, but still cool.   I think Cupid and Make Me Hurt You are the two best songs of the year.  

5. TIA CARRERA "Cosmic Priestess" - Heavy stoner rhythms.  All recorded on the fly.   Instrumental Improvisational Heavy Metal.   A little more blues in this one than their older pure-stoner albums.   But side B is a must-repeat over and over again. 

4. NASA SPACE UNIVERSE "Across the Wounded Galaxies" - Pissed off punk, fast enough for me.   Some like it faster if they have something to prove.   But I like my punk this way.   Best "hardcore" (don’t even debate this shit with me, I don’t care) album of the year.  

3. VOID "Sessions" - I always liked their side of the Faith split better, and the FYH songs, but I wasn't sure this was a necessary vault issue… I was wrong.   Even with 3 or 4 variations of the same 10 songs I find this amazing and interesting.  I don’t really get tired of the reapeating guitar assaults.  

2. MITCHELL and MANLEY "Norcal Values" - Not for everyone, but for fans of ambient, Earth, Gary Hoey.  It's a sound track for waking up on the beach with Bodhi and Johnny Utah, then going hang-gliding and landing it on the deck of an aircraft carrier with the jets roaring. 

1. THE MEN "Leave Home" - The levels on this record had to have been all in the red on the mixing console.   Blistering, Repeating punk… with hooks.    You've all heard this.