Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Followed By Static and John Wesley Coleman III drop the breakfast bomb

*warning: homer alert*
This is not a real review in the sense that we were sent a record and a press release with a note taped to it reading "review or die (or skate)" ...we know these dudes, we even put out a stellar Followed By Static track on a split 7". However, here is our take...

John Wesley Coleman has filled time between full lengths (last year's "Bad Lady Goes To Jail" is exceptional) with a host of singles on top of a steady touring schedule. Need we also mention that he plays guitar in Austin panty droppers The Golden Boys? On his side of this 12" entitled the Personality Pancake EP he is backed by local duo Rhett & Dean for some swampy lo-fi rock n roll. It keeps with his tendencies to hit record and catch lightning in a bottle and "fuck'm if they can't take a joke." All four songs are solid, with the title track seemingly glowing as the hit. Our personal favorite is closer "If Giuseppe Andrews Hears This Song, Tell Him To Give Me A Call And Let's Party" which stomps its way home to Coleman's roots as a prolific and poetic self-described "trash artist." This record was released on Italian upstart label Way Out There Records.

JWCIII-Personality Pancake

John Wesley Coleman III - Personality Pancake by Way Out There Records

On the flipside, entitled Bacon Bear EP, Followed By Static has made their statement record. Though it's difficult to pigeonhole them as any one particular sub-genre under the indie rock umbrella, that variety has actually been their trademark throughout their lifespan. Playing the punk show? Amps go to 11. Beer saloon? Send for the hollow-body guitars. You get the point. It's not easy to span the noiserock, psych, garage, country, shoegaze themes and put on all those belts at once sometimes. Nevertheless, Followed By Static DOES, and it's all displayed here on this split 12". "Cop Gloves" is the single that's making the airwaves, but all four songs deserve the ears, and we at Bombay Cove want to give a personal hoot to opening thrasher "Trash" ...what are you going to do about it?

Followed By Static - Cop Gloves

Followed By Static - Cop Gloves by Way Out There Records

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