Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quarterly Digest

Our newest release, the Followed By Static / Bonnibonita 7" split, is out and selling well. Word from the Bonita camp is that they are almost out. We'll check with FBS and see how they're doing and bring any re-press details soon. Party Ends blog, Daily Dose, and Sundae Records are among those who have backed it.

Bonnibonita has been playing shows and working on new material... basically what bands are out there to do.

Followed By Static hit the road for a series of short tours starting in the new year. Front dude E*Static has been playing solo shows to benefit HAAM. In the meantime, check out these sick hangdogs.

Broke Beads are also hitting the road in January, starting off with their long awaited Louisiana-record-release for their excellent LP "Wave High." Things were delayed while they had a lineup change.

Gil San Marcos is blazing, hazing... shows are back after his 2 year sabbatical that took him to Sudan along the Red Sea and to the badlands of Montana. He has new stuff and we're in discussion on the issue of a new record.

Our Sampler 10" record Bombay Cove Number Twenty is almost out. We have 2 copies (we think) that aren't spoken for.

Damage Pants rulezzz

We have more limited vinyl releases coming to you in 2011:

the long awaited Y'all 10" re-issue
Hüsky Düdes - LP
Gil San Marcos - EP
Soda Diet - EP

as well as additions to our LATHE series and some splits......