Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quarterly Digest

Broke Beads "Wave High" 12" is OUT now. For sale in our store, at shows by the band, at record stores. Look for it. Beads had a whole weekend of shows in and around Austin for an extended release party. They also worked on some new material and generally acted like fools. Another short tour is in the works.

The "Domes" LP by Gil San Marcos has been getting positive feedback. Tons of radioplay in places like Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, New York, and the Bay Area CA... as well as reviews in Dusted Magazine's STILL SINGLE... and in PARIS TRANSATLANTIC.

Damage Pants got a nice feature on Side One Track One recently. They have shows. Additionally, Kyle has also been seen doing solo sets around Austin. Kinda folk country stuff on one of those hollow-body guitars. Robert has been seen behind the drum kit at some Followed By Static shows.

...speaking of Followed By Static, they are working on a tour and have been accepted to Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh NC. Their split 7" will be out later this summer, hopefully in time for the fest. They're always doing tons of shows, rotating dudes in and out. I hear they're rolling with Ed Warga (Hotel Hotel) and JJ Ruiz (Wild America, Naw Dude, Air Traffic Controllers) on drums at a few shows in their revolving cast of skinsmen.

Bonnibonita is working on new material and shows. They are doing a short tour in Texas in the heat of July with Evak1. Working on their record as well.

The William & The Sun Records album is not available right now... but they are continuing to write new tunes and working towards more shows.

A dude named Pat has joined Soda Diet. There will be thunderous blasts and psych-crushing later this year. And their record...

Records by Y'all (R.I.P) and Esbat (hiatus-ized right now since they are living on different continents at the moment)... are still forthcoming. They will both be super limited.

...look out for Hüsky Düdes... they're here...