Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Two From Bombay Cove Records
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Y’ALL is sonic chaos put to an edition of 50 hand cut lathe records. The story may eclipse the music and is probably best left in the attendees memories but never the less it is great that Bombay Cove has given the concert a mysterious life of its own. The story goes that Y’ALL was a band for something like a week and they decide to reign in the closing of a flophouse with a party and show that would be their final show. Y’ALL deliver everything you would expect from sheer walls of noise to wild abandon all recorded on what couldn’t have been much better than a mic with a sock around it tossed in the rafters. The recounting of of the show by a friend of the band on the back of the sleeve just adds to the mystique.
Broke Beads record Wave High’s side A is a more serious studio effort from Bombay Cove while the B side is all live which seems in the punk DIY spirit of the label. The Broke Beads record was extremely deceiving from looks alone. The translucent green vinyl is killer but the art on the sleeve is not my favorite and I was expecting some bad pop punk to come blaring from my stereo but that was not the case. Broke Beads is actually a band that successfully fuses up-tempo indie punk with instrumental post-rock. Broke Beads are not shameless crescendo seekers instead they opt for blissed out repetitive guitar melodies and solid drumming. “Sunshine Baby” is an incredible track that has vocal melodies/samples a killer back-beat and some great guitar interplay. Sadly the B side is live but it does show that this band is for real and functions as an extremely tight live band. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on. 

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